Nikki Jerks A Stud’s Cock Until His Sperm Hits The Ceiling

mature-nikki-masturbates-while-giving-handjobEveryone knows girls love to talk especially when it comes to sharing really juicy secrets. Rumor has it that Billy can explode to the ceiling and when mature blonde Nikki gets wind of the rumor from one of her girlfriends, she immediately sets out to find out for herself whether the rumor is true or not. Her quest to discover the truth is documented in the latest episode of

The very horny Nikki asks her friend to hook her up with Billy and when he shows up at her house, she doesn’t waste any time making small talk but rather gets down to the serious business of finding out whether he can really shoot his seed to the sky. She yanks his cock out of his pants and strokes some life into it before stripping off her own shirt and sitting naked next to Billy on the couch.

mature-nikki-jerking-big-cock mature-nikki-covered-in-cum mature-nikki-bathed-in-cum

The younger stud is blown away by the older woman’s tight body and big tits and he gets harder and harder with each stroke from her hands. Nikki gets wet from thinking about Billy’s cum load hitting her roof and she spreads her legs and plays with her pussy while still giving Billy a handjob. She then gets down on her knees in between his legs and massages his big hard cock with both hands bringing him closer and closer to an orgasm with each stroke. When Nikki feels Billy’s balls tighten, she increases the pressure on his shaft and a huge cum load shoots out of his cock and hits the ceiling!

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Billy Drenches Hailey With His Massive Cumload

hailey-seducing-billyMost guys would welcome a distraction even when they are hunched over their laptops trying to meet a deadline especially when that distraction comes in the form of a stunning teen called Hailey but Billy is in no mood to entertain any distractions and he waves off the horny teen so he can keep working. She tries to get his attention by prancing around in just a bra and short shorts but he ignores her until she takes matters into her own hands – literally. This super fun full length video can be watched exclusively on

Always the workaholic, Billy is hard at work when the very sexy Hailey comes to his work station wearing next to nothing. She shows off her tramp stamp as she tries to distract him by flaunting her ass in his face but Billy is not having any of it. The sexy attention whore then decides that the best way to get what she wants is by simply taking it so she grabs Billy by the shirt and shoves him onto a sofa where he watches her strip naked before she rips off his shorts.

hailey-tickling-billys-big-balls hailey-jerking-off-billy hailey-makes-billy-burst-a-nut

Billy attempts to resist being undressed and he puts up a rather good fight but Hailey is determined to get him naked and she dominates him until his cock is freed from his shorts. She grabs his limp dick and strokes some life into her. Her soft hands prove to be magical because that cock shoots right up and stands at attention giving Hailey more meat to work with. She pumps Billy’s hard cock with her hands and expertly alternates between jerking him off and tickling his balls. The tickling and stroking combination drives Billy over the edge and before long, a steady stream of cum comes shooting out of his shaft.

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Redhead Teen Alyssa Hart Begs Her Step Brother For His Thick Goo

alyssa-hart-amazed-at-her-step-brother's-big-cockThe latest update on is an episode that shows a teaching moment between a step brother and his very curious much younger sibling. It stars the unstoppable teen cutie Alyssa Hart giving her step brother the handjob of a lifetime.

Alyssa Hart is a sexually inexperienced teen babe who rudely awakens her hung step brother to find out first-hand what the big deal is with this mysterious “goo” stuff her friend keeps talking about. She eagerly jumps on her bed and expresses shock at seeing his cock poking out of his boxers. Alyssa then proceeds to slam him with questions while playing with his prick. He protests at first citing the fact that they are step siblings but quickly gives up and gives in to her cock stroking.

For a tiny chick, she has a very strong grip and she surprises her step brother with her immense talent when it comes to stroking cock. Unsure about what she’s doing, the petite cutie questions her sibling whether her stroking feels good as she wraps both her hands around his throbbing hard dick. She bounces up and down the bed and hums happily as she continues to work the cock. Mike then hands her some lube and she pours a ton on the tip of his cock before tenderly rubbing it in.

alyssa-hart-grips-a-hard-cock alyssa-hart-performs-a-handjob-on-her-step-brother alyssa-hart-milks-cum-out-of-cock

Alyssa then removes her top and shows off her small perky tits as her hand assault on Mike’s cock continues. She equates stroking his hard prick to exercise but concedes that beating Mike’s cock is a lot more fun. The redhead teen further tightens her grip on the erect cock before her and she takes turns alternating between fast and slow strokes until Mike announces that he is ready to cum.

The announcement serves as a kind of aphrodisiac for Alyssa Hart and her strokes get faster and faster until three loads shoot out of Mike’s cock in a continuous loop. This entire teaching moment can be viewed right now at along with other hot handjob and cumshot videos.

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Jenna Finds The Cream She Was Looking For

Jenna knocks looking for some cream for her coffee
In this week’s movie from, you’ll be able to watch one really hot scene performed by teen slut Jenna. She knocks on Mikey’s door asking for cream for her coffee, but suddenly realizes that she could do something else while being there.

Jenna is a beautiful blonde teen that just moved in the apartment near Mikey and she was trying to meet her neighbors. And what reason could be better than asking for some cream for her coffee. Hopefully, on the first door she knocked, she met a nice guy that was willing to help her. It may have been her sexy lingerie that made him accept her hands on his cock, but in just a few seconds, she took off his pants and started seriously giving him a handjob, all these while her boyfriend were next door, waiting for his beverage.

Jenna decides to try other type of cream Jenna shows that she's a handjob expert Jenna makes Mikey cum hard all over her body

After she rubs his cock for a while, he decides that Jenna has too many clothes on her and takes off her bra, revealing her beautiful small tits. This whole game of Mikey touching and squeezing her boobs makes her become horny and she starts moving her hands faster and faster, knowing that only this way she’ll be able to make him cum hard.

I know that when Jenna knocked on his door she wasn’t looking for anything sexual, but by only touching him she became interested in making him cum hard, and that’s probably why the handjob she offers got so intense. Not long after, Mikey told her that he’s close, but nothing could prepare her for the huge amount of cum he sprayed all over. Yeah, she was surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise, because you can see from Jenna’s face that she loves being covered in cum so much.

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Jenna Jaded and Hailey seeing how far they can make him cum

the girls have some good news

In this week’s update to we’re given a brand new video and photo set featuring teen hotties Jenna Jaded and her friend Hailey. The girls are in need for some extra cash, so they decide to double the price for a handjob by doing it together.

Jenna Jaded and Haily are the kind of girls who are always getting into trouble, so they don’t have any problem trying some creative ways to get some extra cash. Haily is relaxing on the bed with just her underwear and knee-high stockings when her friend Jenna Jaded bounces in to announce she’s got someone who’ll pay $500 for a handjob, and “because there are two of us, that’s $1000!” They’re stoked that they’ve got the money they needed for their vacation.

he even has a big dick there is more to just a handjob how far will he cum

Hailey gets even more stoked when Jenna Jaded invites in JC, their customer, and finds out he’s really handsome. This is going to be the  most pleasurable grand the girls are going to make. They have him lay down on the bed between them so they can both get at him from ether side. Of course he’s very eager to get between these two hot teens, with a brunette on his left and a blonde on his right, it’s not a surprise at all.

The girls clearly have some experience with this, and after stroking him a little bit, decide to spice things up a bit. They tag team him, stroking, licking and even sucking. After making out, they decide to see just how far they can make him squirt his cum, because the hotter the girls, the harder the guy cums, right?

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Amber Bach takes care of Jimmy’s condition

Amber Bach talking about Jimmy's problem

On you can watch some very intense videos, that’s why you should always check our blog for weekly updates about what’s new. This week, the video of Jimmy getting a handjob from Mrs. Bach will show you how easy some medical problems can be solved when the sick one gets full attention.

The fact that Jimmy has a medical condition and has to masturbate every single day is something annoying for him, but when Amber Bach wants to give him a hand, he understands that this day can turn into a lucky one. If in the beginning he was a little bit shy to discuss about how much he ejaculates, once she told him that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, he told her about his problem. Mrs. Bach asked him to take off his clothes and when she saw that he’s not getting hard, she got naked too and revealed her beautiful big tits.

Amber Bach wants to see what's in his pants Amber Bach rubs Jimmy's dick Amber Bach gets naked for giving him a boner

Although they were both naked, he was very clumsy and was thinking that by touching her he’ll cross some kind of limit, but she encouraged him to feel her large breasts if that’s what will help him get a boner and ejaculate.

If when she started giving the handjob her hands’ movement wasn’t that fast, when she felt that he’s close, she began rubbing his balls and touch his cock really fast. Amber knew from him that he ejaculates massive quantities of sperm, but when he came, even an experienced MILF like her was amazed by how much cum he produces.

In the end, Amber Bach was happy to help Jimmy get milked of his semen, but her expectations were exceeded and she asked him to clean up after he came so hard because he sprayed it all around him. This was something that she really enjoyed, because you can see how much she likes giving handjobs in other videos from

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Ericka Catches William’s Goo after a Handjob

Ericka catches a boy jerking off in the school basement bathroom

In case you missed a very popular episode here at, we’re going to recap it for you today. Ericka is a very cute blonde teen who thought the school’s basement bathroom was her secret place that no one else knew about!

Ericka is a cute blonde teen who is in her first year of community college. She’s a very shy and reserved person on the surface, but can turn into a wicked vixen when in private. If there is one thing Ericka values, it is her privacy! When she found a basement bathroom that looked as if no one used it, Ericka thought she had found her private, and clean, getaway.

Ericka decides to help William jerk off in the bathroom Ericka uses both hands to give a handjob in the bathroom Ericka wants William to cum all over her face

For the first month of the semester Ericka used the bathroom without seeing another soul in sight. It was always so clean and quiet. The bathroom quickly became her favorite place to be. She would even eat lunch and study in the basement bathroom. Then, after about 6 weeks of privacy and joy came a gigantic shock!

Ericka went down to her private bathroom after her morning class to freshen up. She opened the door and her jaw dropped as she stood frozen in place. Right in front of the bathroom mirror, and Ericka, stood a male student with his cock out jerking off to a porn magazine placed on the sink. At first Ericka wanted to run, then she got angry, but settled with turned on by watching this hot guy pull on his well-hung cock. He saw Ericka and didn’t even miss a stroke. The young man kept wanking his cock and was staring Ericka deep in the eyes. It seemed to Ericka that he was actually getting off by being watched.

Knowing the bathroom and how private it was, the sexual vixen in Ericka took hold. She approached the young man, squatted in front of him, and moved his hands away from his cock. This was now Ericka’s cock and she was going to give the handjob in the way she wanted to. He let her take control and watched the blonde teen run her hands over his big prick, squeezing and pumping it. Ericka is well-skilled at handjobs and knew she would have this guy cumming in no time at all. She didn’t count on the explosion that was about to blast cum all over her face.

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Alora Jayne Gets There In the Spurt of the Moment

Alora Jayne is topless in bed and ready for some xxx action

In this week’s update to we’re given a brand new video and photo set featuring Alora Jayne. The teen babe makes her boyfriend cum for the first time and is rewarded with a massive load!

Alora Jayne is an incredibly beautiful brunette teen with big natural tits and a fantastic body. Alora and her boyfriend have been sexually active for a few months. She’s given him handjobs, sucked him off, and even let him stick his dick inside her pussy for just a tiny bit. The one thing she hasn’t done is make him cum. They always seem to get interrupted before she can satisfy her man. He’s dying to shoot his load and she can’t wait to see it!

Alora Jayne takes out her boyfriend's cockAlora Jayne gets her teen pussy fingeredAlora Jayne strokes her boyfriend's massive cock

Tonight the two teens have the house all to themselves. Everyone is gone until the next morning at Alora Jayne’s house and they have been planning a night filled with sexual exploration and satisfaction since they knew about the time they would have available. It was finally time to make her boyfriend cum, and Alora is going to pull out all the stops!

As soon as the house is vacated and her boyfriend comes over she leads him back to her bedroom. She hops on the bed and strips down to her panties so that her boyfriend can look at and play with her big natural boobs. Then, Alora strips her boyfriend down until he’s completely naked. She takes out his cock and starts giving him a handjob until he’s fully erect. After that, she makes him get on his back so she can mount him and rub her panty covered crotch against his hard dick while she continues to stroke him.

He was enjoying the dry hump and handjob while watching her teen boobs bounce and jiggle so much that he knew it was only a few seconds until he was ready to cum. He quickly blurted out, “I’m cumming,” so that teen Alora could prepare herself for the massive load that was about to erupt from his young cock.

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Teen Allie Licks the Cum She’s Blasted With

Teen Allie masturbating and waiting for her boyfriend

In case you missed the episode that was voted one of the most favorite on, we’re going to recap it here. Teen Allie is masturbating and wants some sexual attention from her boyfriend. But, she wasn’t expecting his giant load!

Teen Allie stripped completely naked and went to the living room couch to wait for her boyfriend and to masturbate her cute pussy until he came home. Her body is amazing! She’s thin, has a great ass, a bald pussy, perky teen boobs and to top it off she’s a very sexy blonde. When her boyfriend got home he walked in and saw the awesome sight of his teen girlfriend naked and rubbing her pussy. He hasn’t blown his load in about a week and he couldn’t wait to cum all over Allie.

Teen Allie gives her boyfriend a blowjobTeen Allie gives her boyfriend a blowjobTeen Allie continues to wank her boyfriend

Walking over to his lovely masturbating girlfriend he unbuckles his belt on the way. Once there teen Allie takes over and unzips his fly so that she could yank his pants down to the floor. She grabs ahold of his cock and starts to jerk him off. She watches as her hands become filled with the expanding cock of her boyfriend. He gets so thick, and so hard that Allie can barely fit her hand around his entire shaft. She continues to stroke his growing penis until it’s fully erect.

After looking at how massive his cock has become she becomes a little uneasy about the blowjob her boyfriend wants. But, like a good girlfriend, she goes down on him anyway. Her mouth stretches as his cock forces its way passed her lips. He keeps pushing until his entire cock is down her throat and gagging the teen babe. Teen Allie’s boyfriend starts to throat fuck the young babe and she loves it. She continues to masturbate her pussy while giving amazing head at the same time. Her boyfriend’s cock seems to start swelling inside of Allies mouth and she can feel his balls spasm. Allie is about to take a gigantic load that she is definitely not prepared for!

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Jimmy Longwood Stays after Class with Mrs. Starr

Mrs. Starr lectures a young man after class when she notices a bulge in his pants

In case you missed an extremely popular episode of, we’re going to recap it here. Mrs. Starr is a naughty teacher that notices a bulge in young Jimmy’s pants and makes him stay after class to investigate it further.

Mrs. Starr was well-aware that many of her male students found her attractive. What she didn’t know was that one actually fantasized about her sexually, and during class no less. But, she was about to find out with a little help from a tight pair of jeans.

Mrs. Starr closely examines her young students crotchMrs. Starr tugs on a young man's cock in the classroomMrs. Starr is impressed with the size of a young man's cock.

As Mrs. Starr moved from one end of the blackboard to the other she noticed that one student was following her every move. Jimmy Longwood stared at Mrs. Starr’s incredible ass and big pair of tits all neatly packed into her dress that hugged her curves. Mrs. Starr noticed where the young man was staring and then noticed something even more disturbing. In the front of Jimmy’s jeans was a huge bulge. He had a massive erection and made no effort to hide it!

After her lesson and towards the end of the class, Mrs. Starr placed a note on Jimmy’s desk. The note read, “See me after class!” Jimmy was nervous, but couldn’t imagine what he did wrong. The bell rang and Jimmy stayed seated as the rest of the class cleared out. When everyone was gone Mrs. Starr looked at him sternly and said, “I saw you staring at my tits and ass, Jimmy!” He was shocked and was even having trouble breathing. Then, Mrs. Starr said, “I can also see that your cock is hard!” Again, Jimmy was floored. Never did he imagine that he would hear his conservative teacher use such language. He never believed he would get caught staring either.

Mrs. Starr told Jimmy to stand up in front of his desk. She came over and put her face right in front of his crotch to examine just how big Jimmy really was. Then, she did it; Mrs. Starr reached out and touched Jimmy’s erection. He almost exploded right there in his pants but somehow managed to keep it together. Mrs. Starr began unzipping the boy’s jeans in order to get a grip of his bare cock and see how big it really was. Jimmy didn’t know it yet, but he was about to have the cum of a lifetime!

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