Bailey Paige Gives A Sensual Handjob And Gets Blasted With Cum

teen cutie jerking a big cockIf you need proof that Bailey Paige likes playing with fire, look no further than this latest cum bath episode from where the very slutty teen cum craver unashamedly uses her teen charms to seduce her brother’s friend and winds up getting showered in his man goo after jerking off his monster rod.

It goes without saying that Billy and Bailey Paige have amazing chemistry but he knows not to mess with his friend’s little sister so he tries to contain himself as he patiently sits waiting for his friend to arrive. The dark haired teen wearing glasses clearly didn’t get the memo that her brother’s friend is off limits and she is feeling extra frisky so she boldly approaches Billy and offers him a hand-on-cock treat he can’t turn down. The teen nympho reaches through Billy’s pants for his boner and when she feels how excited the older dude is, she unzips his pants and yanks his thick cock out playing with it as she loses her own clothes.

teen in glasses grips a big cock excited teen prepares for a cumbath Bailey Paige drenched in jizz

Bailey Paige is noticeably excited as she grips Billy’s hard manhood in her small hands and she almost squeals out her delight as she lubes it up and starts jerking it up and down using even strokes. This sexy teen babe clearly knows how to get a man off with her hands and Billy is very impressed with her cock jerking skills – so impressed in fact that he shoots out a massive load drenching the teen handjob slut from neck down!

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Sexy Latina Teen Gets Bathed In Man Goo

latina teen showered with cumIsabella may be just a teen but she holds a PhD in stroking big dicks and in the latest handjob episode on, the gorgeous Latina babe gives Joey’s big hard dick the hottest handjob treatment it has ever received and he rewards her by showering his creamy seed down on her petite body frame.

Most teens Isabella’s size would shy away from messing with a big dick but not this brave and very courageous babe. She may be slender but don’t let her slim frame fool you because she can jerk a cock like no other and when she gets the chance to get Joey off, she immediately gets naked and gets down on her knees so she can show off her cock stroking skills. Joey doesn’t know that the brown skinned teen has a surprise in store for him and he is pleasantly surprised when she grabs his cock and spits on it to lube it up and then she proceeds to jerk it hard.

teen with small tits jerking a cock Isabella giving a thorough handjob teen cumshot after handjob

The sensual and firm handjob has Joey moaning and the sound coming from him only encourages Isabella to jerk his rod even faster. She twists and turns the knob and jerks it up and down and then she tightens her grip around the big hard cock and tugs it until a massive load of salty cum spurts out from the pulsating dick and drenches her small tits and face.

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Sasha Foxxx Gets A Semen Facial From Johnny

teen getting a cum bathEvery woman knows that nothing is as effective as semen when it comes to getting silky smooth skin. Armed with that information, the always creative Sasha Foxxx hunts down her friend Johnny and lures him over to her place so he can baste her sexy face with his creamy seed and keep her looking young and fresh. Their cum blasting session can be enjoyed in one video and 42 hot pictures only at

Like most teens, Sasha Foxxx is very vain about her looks. She enjoys the looks she gets from men and wants to ensure that those looks never dry out but in order to do that, she has to maintain her youthful looks so when she reads an article claiming that semen does wonders for the facial skin, the very enterprising brunette teen immediately invites her friend Johnny over and then milks his cock until she gets enough cream out of it to paste all over her face.

sexy teen tightens her grip on a cock Sasha Foxxx giving a handjob brunette teen strokes a big cock

What Sasha Foxxx doesn’t know is that Johnny hasn’t had a release in ages and he has a whole system backed up with bucket loads of semen just waiting to come spurting out of his long rod. The slender teen hottie strokes Johnny’s big Johnson alternating between fast strokes and slow strokes until he releases his massive load all over her face and even drenches the entire top half of her body. Now not only will the sexy teen have a silky smooth face but the rest of her body will be super smooth too.

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Blonde Teen Chassity Bliss Gets Drenched In A Wet Dream

slender teen covered in cumMeet Chassity Bliss. She is blonde, slender and incredibly stunning. She is also the most fantasized about fully legal teen. William is one of her very many admirers and when he drifts off to sleep in this latest episode of, he has an epic wet dream where the sexy blonde babe jacks him off until he explodes all over her hot body.

William’s dream of Chassity Bliss beating his meat is so vivid that it almost seems like the gorgeous blonde cutie is actually in the same room as him. He dreams that she shows up in a pink bikini and tenderly and lovingly caresses his six pack abs before reaching into his shorts and playing with his dick. The more she plays with it, the harder it gets and before long its standing at attention and then the slim blonde babe takes William’s shorts off and proceeds to give him on heck of a handjob.

teen beauty jerking off a cock sexy babe strokes a sleeping man's dick smiling teen giving a handjob

She takes off her bikini top exposing her perky small tits and then she wraps her perfectly manicured fingers around his cock and jerks it hard. Her handjob skills are exactly what William fantasized they would be like and she twists her hand around the cock and up and down the length of the shaft until William explodes. When he cums; he showers the teen beauty with his creamy jizz. This episode gives a whole new meaning to the words wet dream and it can be enjoyed in its entirety in the member area.

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Teen Isabella Gonzales Makes Her Step-Brother Bust A Nut

sexy teen jerking off her stepbrotherAs firm believers in bribes and the doors they open or close, we can say without a doubt that we approve of the route Isabella Gonzales took to get her stepbrother to keep his mouth shut after he busted her for getting a visit from her boyfriend. It’s both creative and effective and you can see it first hand in this update from

Like most teens, Isabella Gonzales is not allowed to have guys over at her house and like most teens, she thinks rules exist to be broken so she invites her boyfriend over and they hang out but just as it seems that she has gotten away with breaking the rules, her stepbrother busts her and threatens to report her to their parents. Being the fast thinker she is; the petite beauty offers to jerk off her horny brother in exchange for his silence. He eagerly agrees and lays on his back so he can watch his nympho stepsister work her magic on his thick cock.

nerdy teen with small tits giving a handjob Isabella Gonzales gives her stepbrother a handjob vute teen bathed in cum after giving a handjob

The topless teen dons her nerdy glasses and grabs her stepbrother’s big dick with one hand jerking it hard before switching to the two hand twisting motion which makes him moan. Isabella Gonzales smiles when she hears him moan and then starts stroking his cock faster and faster until he can’t take it anymore. Just when he’s about to explode though, she slows down and gives him a chance to catch his breath before she strokes him really fast again causing him to shoot out his load. You won’t believe where his load lands and just how much of a mess it makes!

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Sleeping Beauty Alexis Grace Gets Her Ass And Face Basted With Thick Jizz

sleeping teen gets cum shot onto her faceYou sleep, you lose –or so the saying goes unless ofcourse you’re Alexis Grace and then that saying changes to you sleep, you get your ass and face creamed with a thick load of jizz. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about then you need to check out the latest update from bearing the title “Sleep and Spurt”.

All Alexis Grace wants to do is get some rest. The teen babe is tired and the minute her head hits the pillow, she is out for the count. Unbeknownst to her though, her outfit slides up exposing her shaved pussy and sexy tight ass hole for all to see and it’s the sight of her bare assets that excites her lover when he walks into the room. The snoring beauty doesn’t hear her man walking into the room, nor does she wake up when he yanks his erect penis out of his pants and starts stroking it right close to her face. He picks up her hand glides it up and down his own shaft but that still doesn’t awaken her from her slumber so he gives up on getting any help from her and takes matters into his own hands.

Alexis Grace jerks off a cock in her sleep Man jerking off while watching a sexy teen sleeping teen Alexis Grace gets her ass and pussy filled with cum

The very horny man moves to the foot of the bed so he can get a closer view of Alexis Grace’s pussy and ass and he grabs a handful of her firm butt cheek as he continues to stroke his hard cock and before long his dick spurts out a monster load that lands on the sleeping teen beauty’s ass filling up her butt hole and pussy. As if that ass cum shower is not enough, the brunette babe’s face also gets splashed with creamy semen.

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Teen Chasity Bliss Gets Bathed In Creamy Jizz

Chasity Bliss jerking a big dick in the bathroomIf anyone is going to interrupt your shower, it might as well be an older man with a massive boner dangling in between his strong thighs. That’s the case for Chasity Bliss who doesn’t mind getting her personal space invaded and private bath time interrupted when Mr. Johnson decides to join her for some bath tub fun in this new update from

The sexy teen babe undresses and gets in the shower cherishing how good the water feels on her soft skin. She leans in and watches it flow down her perky small tits and flat belly but just as she’s about to get lost in her fantasy land, she feels eyes burning into her bare skin and when she turns around, Mr. Johnson is standing there ogling her firm teen body. The naked teen and the fully clothed older man stare at each other, one in disbelief and one with eyes full of lust. Being the trooper who always goes with the flow, Chasity Bliss quickly gets over her shock and invites Mr. Johnson in to join her. She helps him out of his jeans and then slowly starts playing with his penis.

teen Chasity Bliss giving a handjob in the bath tub slutty teen Chasity Bliss takes a cumshot to her chest after a giving a handjob teen blonde hottie Chasity Bliss drenched in thick cum

The blonde teen nympho stands behind Mr. Johnson in the shower pressing her tiny tits against his back and she reaches around and grabs his long dick with one hand jerking it really hard until his whole body stiffens with excitement. She then squats down in the small tub and looks up to the older man as she strokes his prick with one hand while steadying herself on the edge of the tub with the other hand. The slutty cum craving teen is so good at tugging cocks that it doesn’t take too long for her to make Mr. Johnson cum and when he does, he splashes his creamy seed all over her sexy body.

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Milf Valerie Rose Showered In Cum After Handjob

Valerie Rose gets bathed in a load of cumTales of Billy and his ability to shoot out massive loads of jizz have been circulating around town for a while so it comes as no surprise when the resident town slut, a horny MILF called Valerie Rose decides to take it upon herself to see just how true these tales are. What she finds out both impresses and stuns her and her adventure and discovery can be viewed in the latest update from

Valerie Rose has never been a shy woman and today she is on a mission to find out if all the rumors she’s heard about Billy and his massive cumshots are true. She invites herself over to his place and once she seats her fine ass on the couch, she starts shamelessly flirting up a storm before directly coming out and asking Billy if she can stroke his cock. Being a guy, he doesn’t think twice about her offer and before long the duo is all naked on the couch with Billy’s thick rod nestled in between the older woman’s soft but very experienced hands. The mature nympho prepares to give the younger stud a handjob like he’s never experienced before and she gently caresses his dick until it extends as far as it can go and then she tugs it firmly but tenderly. Her strokes have an urgency to them that makes Billy squirm on the couch as he tries to fight back an orgasm.

MILF Valerie Rose stroking a big prick Mature Valerie Rose jerking a big cock Very messy Valerie Rose cumbath

With her right hand wrapped around the thick cock, Valerie Rose then slides her left hand underneath the penis and caresses Billy’s shaved balls while jerking him off. The sensation from the jerking and ball fondling is what eventually causes the hot stud to explode and when he does, he showers the naughty MILF with his warm creamy seed.

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Ciara Blue’s Big Tits Blasted With A Massive Load

Ciara Blue gets blasted with cumCiara Blue is a nasty MILF with a penchant for playing with cocks and getting covered in cum. She is horny as hell and her hormones are raging beyond control so she invites Billy over under the pretense of just hanging out but before long, things turn raunchy and Billy’s massive cum load ends up all over the horny older woman’s big tits as you can see in this update from

While most mature women are too tired to even think about sex, Ciara Blue is on a mission to get her some dick. She is a seductress with no boundaries and she will pull any trick to get the attention focused on the two massive twin peaks protruding from her chest. She “accidentally” spills her water all over her blouse revealing the fact that she has no bra on underneath and when Billy notices the outline of her big dark nipples, he immediately gets an erection. The duo move inside for some privacy where they both get naked and the busty MILF immediately gets to work on the thick cock before her.

Topless Ciara Blue prepares to give a handjob Ciara Blue giving a handjob MILF Ciara Blue strokes a cock with two hands

She pours a generous amount of lubrication all over the cock and then strokes it slowly while talking dirty. This POV handjob gets even steamier as Ciara Blue takes the hard cock and squeezes it in between her big boobs while still jerking it. The combined pressure from the big boobs and hands sends Billy over the edge causing him to shower the hot MILF with his load. The younger stud then steps back to admire his handiwork as cum drips down Ciara’s neck and big tits.

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Jenni Gets Drenched By The Super Semen Shooter

blonde cock sucker gags on fat cockThey say curiosity killed the cat but in Jenni’s case, curiosity led to not just a big dick but being soaked from head to toe by the legendary super semen shooter. You can see the sexy blonde teen getting drenched in this update from

Jenni has a new boyfriend and like a normal teen babe, she can’t stop talking about him to her friend. She’s heard that he’s got a big package in between his legs but she’s never seen it and her friend encourages her to check it out which is exactly what the teen nympho plans to do when she invites her new guy back to her apartment. Once he makes himself comfortable on the couch, she rips off his pants and immediately puts her mouth to his thick rod breathing life into it until it hardens against her lips. She beams with glee like a cat looking at a bowl of fresh milk and then sinks her warm and wet mouth down on the cock. The tales were right, her new boyfriend certainly has a big dick and it tastes yummy too.

Jenni stroking a big prick teen nympho deep throating a fat cock sexy blonde teen drenched in thick cum

The blonde cock sucker then deep throats the monster prick before putting her hands to good use by stroking the length of the cock while sucking the cut tip. Even though she is super good with her mouth and hands, her guy is no where near close to ejaculating which makes her suck and stroke his cock even faster and harder. She begs him to explode all over her body and when he cums, that is exactly what he does. Bring an umbrella and a towel because things get very messy in this video

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