Nikki Sixxx Gets Her Tits Blasted With Cum

Nikki Sixxx gets her tits creamedEveryone knows that milk is good for the bones – that is everyone but Nikki Sixxx’s step-son Billy who stubbornly refuses to guzzle down the glass of milk his stepmom hands him. The quick-thinking MILF then devises a way to get her step-son to drink up his milk and it involves jerking his big prick until she empties it. She figures that once his nuts are empty, he’ll suddenly be in the mood for some milk and from the looks of this latest episode from, she is not wrong at all.

The truth is Nikki Sixxx has always wanted to give her step-son a handjob and his refusal to drink up his milk is just the perfect excuse for her to get into his pants so she doesn’t even try to hide the smile on her face as she kneels in between his thighs and slowly starts to stroke his big cock. The cock gets even bigger and harder with each stroke and when the older babe takes off her dress and thrusts her big boobs closer to the hard cock, her step-son struggles to hold back his orgasm.

Nikki Sixxx jerks off her step son Nikki Sixxx gives a sensual handjob mature blonde babe stroking a big cock

She leans forward so her nipples are almost touching the head of the cock as she jerks it from top to bottom and back and she even alternates between using just one hand and then two hands. Nikki Sixxx is a very talented cock milker and soon enough she has a bucket load of cum shooting out of the cock and onto her big round tits. You can see this sexy mature blonde and other cum-loving babes getting doused in thick cum only at

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Nadia White Gets a Massive Cum Splatter

nadia white bathed in cumYou can call her Nadia White or simply the hot handy girl because she is the girl men call on when they are feeling horny and need some sexual relief. This teen goddess looks sweet and innocent but the things she does to Billy’s cock in this latest episode from are anything but innocent. She strokes it sensually and she’s so good at what she does that the poor guy has no alternative but to explode and when he does, his cum load showers over the petite handjobber covering every inch of her skin from head to toe.

Billy is feeling super horny which is why he picks up the phone and places a special order for a cock masseuse. The girl who shows up to his front door is none other than Nadia White and she is more than ready to cater to Billy and his massive pecker. She strips down to her lime green bikini and grinds up on his dick before sliding to her knees where she immediately starts twirling her thumbs around his big dick while seductively licking her lips.

teen babe getting fingered nadia white jerking a big cock teen handjobber jerks a big prick

Then she pops her small tits out of her bikini bra and stares up at Billy as she plays with his monster dong. She’s having so much fun and so is he as he watches this petite teen cutie flexing her arm muscles on his prick. What she doesn’t know is he hasn’t cum in a minute and therefore has a massive load of cum backed up in his balls and when he lets it loose, it splatters all over Nadia White’s entire tiny body frame. You have a front row seat at this massive cum shower only at

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Caramel Starr Gets A Sloppy Facial

ebony babe bathed in cumAll coffee looks a whole lot better with a dash of cream in it or as this latest episode from shows, sexy ebony babes with flawless brown skin look even more stunning with gobs of creamy white goo dripping off their faces. The ebony beauty in question is none other than the lovely Caramel Starr and she puts on a heck of a performance touching herself and jerking a cock until she gets a bucket load of cum shot in her face and all over her body. Seeing the color contrast of the cum against her complexion will make you burst your load!

Caramel Starr is horny and lucky for her, so is Billy so when he begs her to jerk him off, she jumps at the opportunity but not before performing a sensual strip tease for him where she suggestively touches her chocolate snatch and perky round tits before sinking to her knees and stroking his big white cock.

caramel starr rubs her black pussy on a white cock busty ebony babe jerking a white cock caramel starr sucking shaved balls while giving a handjob

This is not this chick’s first time at the interracial handjob rodeo so she doesn’t shy away from tugging Billy’s dick real hard and just when he thinks she has given him her all, Caramel Starr lowers her mouth to his balls and sucks gently on them while squeezing the length of his shaft. The squeezing motion coupled with the ball sucking drives the lucky guy up the wall causing him to unleash a monstrous stream of jizz that drenches the ebony beauty from head to toe. You can see this messy interracial handjob and cumbath video exclusively at

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Amber Lynn Bach, The Blonde Handjob Expert

Amber Lynn Bach gives a handjob demonstrationThere is no woman on Amber Lynn Bach’s level when it comes to stroking cocks. She is the ultimate handjob expert so it comes as no surprise that younger women often flock to her in a bid to learn how to properly stroke cocks. In this latest episode from, the blonde bombshell demonstrates how to jerk cock in order to get the biggest cumshot possible and watching her wax that pole will have your own cock saluting in your pants!

It goes without saying that Amber Lynn Bach is an experienced cock jerker. Giving handjobs is what this woman does and she is damn good at her job, so good in fact that she takes great pleasure in teaching other women how to get off men with their hands. Here she frees her big boobs from the confines of her little black dress as she prepares to give a handjob demonstration on a lucky tattooed male model.

busty babe jerking off a model blonde babe jerks a cock with two hands cute blonde gets blasted with cum

She grabs his cock at the base and holds it steady as she tugs away at the length of the shaft, paying close attention to the sensitive cut head. Then the busty nympho employs the one hand technique while playing with the balls at the same time and then she uses both hands to zoom to the finish line. Her two-hand stroking technique is what guarantees the biggest cumshot possible and she’s not disappointed when her model gives her exactly what she wants which is a monster cum explosion on her face and tits. You can see the talented Ms. Amber Lynn Bach getting drenched only at

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Charlee Chase Milks A Jizz Load From Billy’s Cock

Charlee Chase drenched in cumLike most women in town, Charlee Chase has heard about Billy’s ability to squirt bucket loads of cum from his big dick but she has never witnessed it first hand. Her luck changes though in this latest episode from when she walks into her living room and finds Billy waiting for her son. The busty brunette MILF seizes the opportunity to milk Billy’s cock and she is definitely very surprised by the massive cum explosion at the end of their play time.

Charlee Chase is curious by nature especially when it comes to rumors that involve penises and cum. This cum craving mature nympho is tired of hearing tales about Billy and his cum abilities and she is very determined to find out if there is any truth to the rumors so when she finds him in her house, the big tittied beauty wastes no time stripping naked and putting her moves on him.

sexy brunette MILF with big tits strips naked naughty MILF caressing a hard prick Charlee Chase giving a handjob

The younger stud knows all too well how curious women get about his dick so he gladly spreads his legs and watches as the older babe’s big tits bounce back and forth and side to side as she polishes his knob with her hands. She definitely knows how to work the prick and she brings Billy close to the edge of orgasm a few times but she’s not ready for him to cum yet so she slows down her pace and even slips in a lick or two before resuming with her cock jerking. Charlee Chase begs Billy for a big cum explosion and he doesn’t disappoint because he shoots out enough cum to cover her entire body! You can see the gorgeous MILF and other hotties getting bathed in cum only at

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Amber Sativa Doused With Goo In The Shower

sexy blonde babe gets blasted with cum in the showerYou can call this latest episode from a shower invasion because that is exactly what it is except there is no violence here and the only sword being flung around is the hard sword Billy is pointing directly at Amber Sativa’s pretty face when he boldly dares to interrupt her shower just so she can give him a handjob. Well, today must be his lucky day because he gets way more than just a handjob and by the time he steps out of the shower, the sexy blonde babe has more than soap suds to wash off her body.

Amber Sativa is unwinding from her day by taking a long luxurious shower and unbeknownst to her, Billy is planning and plotting to crash her shower because he is horny as fuck and needs to get some sexual relief. He walks into the bathroom and pulls back the shower curtain and asks to join the cutie in the bathtub. Of course she agrees and everything escalates from that point on.

Amber's boyfriend joins her for some shower fun babe lubricating her hands before giving a handjob in the shower Amber Sativa caresses her boob while jerking off her boyfriend

The horny couple can’t seem to keep their hands off each other and Amber Sativa squats in the bathtub so she’s at eye level with Billy’s dick which she grabs and starts stroking slowly while caressing her own boobs then her hands slide down to her pussy and the naughty babe rubs her own clit with one hand while jerking off her boyfriend with the other hand. Her shower cock jerking skills must be so good because it doesn’t take long for Billy to drench her entire body with his creamy seed. You can see this full length shower handjob and cumbath fun exclusively at

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Cherry Morgan Doused With A Massive Cumload

sexy blonde bathed in cumSexy bombshell is one way to describe Cherry Morgan. Big cock lover and messy facial princess would be some other really accurate descriptions of this blonde hottie because in this new cock jerking episode from, the cum loving nympho practically begs for a big cumshot and Billy being the gentleman that he is obliges her by exploding all over her body. The shocked look on her face as her entire body gets drenched in creamy jizz is priceless and this will quickly turn into one of your favorite handjob and facial videos.

Cherry Morgan is feeling very playful so she gets naked and rubs her clit while caressing her perky round tits. When she’s fully aroused, she reaches for Billy’s boner and gently rubs his sensitive head before treating him to a very sensual two-hand handjob. This chick is at the top of her handjob game and she makes Billy want to cum almost immediately with her stroking but he manages to hold back just in the nick of time.

blonde vixen spreads her legs and rubs her pussy Cherry Morgan tugging a big prick blonde giving a handjob

Desperate to make her lover ejaculate, the blonde bombshell begs him to cum for her and he is only too happy to fulfill her request. What Cherry Morgan doesn’t know is that he has a monster reservoir of cum backed up in his balls and when he lets it loose, it drenches her from face to toe. This cum drenching episode is only available at

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Dee Delmar And Kendra Enjoy A Double Cumshot

kinky mother and daughter cock sucking threesomeDee Delmar is a naughty MILF who clearly isn’t familiar with the word boundaries because she certainly breaks a few in this latest episode from when she not only seduces her daughter’s boyfriend but when she gets busted in the act, she boldly decides to tag team the man’s boner with her slutty teen daughter. The episode is aptly titled “Double Blowjob, Double Cumshot” and by the time you get done watching it, you’ll need more than double tissue paper towel to clean up the mess you made.

When the cat is away, the mouse will play and in this case, the mouse sets its sights on the biggest prize there is. The mouse in this equation is Dee Delmar, a busty MILF who knows all the right words to say to lure men into doing whatever she needs them to do. Her eyes are firmly planted on her daughter’s boyfriend and since her daughter is away, Dee decides to have some fun with her man. Unfortunately the horny duo get busted by Kendra but instead of getting mad, the teen cutie decides to join forces with her raunchy mother and the two go to town on her boyfriend’s cock.

horny milf giving head blonde teen sucks cock while her mother watches mother and daughter tag team a dick

Dee Delmar gets first dibs on the prick and she puts her best cock sucking skills to test by swallowing the throbbing prick as far back as she can take it with the young man holding back her hair, then Kendra has her turn on the prick and even though she isn’t nearly as good as her orally-talented mother, she puts on a hell of a performance. The two then attack the dick at the same time with the daughter licking the length of the shaft while the mother sucks on the nuts and their double effort results in a magnificent double cum shower that can only be seen at

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Teen Raina’s Big Juggs Sprayed With Cum

busty teen blasted with cumIt must be “phone a friend to cum all over your tits” month because Raina does exactly that in this new episode from The busty teen cutie is feeling extremely horny and she wants to play with a big cock and watch it spurt cum all over her massive rack so she calls her friend Billy over to hangout and when he arrives at her place, she whips out her big tits and jerks his big cock until he cums all over her boobies.

Billy hasn’t masturbated in weeks but Raina doesn’t know this when she calls him up. She misses playing with his monster prick and longs to feel his creamy seed running down her big boobs so she invites him over and immediately starts massaging the bulge in his pants the second he sets foot inside her house. This blonde cutie pie is a woman on a mission and she doesn’t want anything to distract her from accomplishing that mission.

teen exposes her big boobs and caresses a big dick smiling blonde massages a cock Raina giving a titjob

The busty teen slides to her knees and strategically places Billy’s throbbing cock near her big fun bags as she jerks him off and then when he least expects it, Raina shoves his dick in between her big boobs squeezing it with the soft mammaries as she uses them as a cushion for her cock tugging. This drives the lucky guy over the edge causing him to shoot out his massive load drenching not just the sexy teen’s big boobs but her entire upper body too!

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Chasity Bliss Blinded By A Massive Cum Blast

teen cutie gets her glasses creamedIf there was ever someone who excels at giving drunken handjobs, that honor would be bestowed upon Chasity Bliss because even in her drunken state, the teen starlet is capable of jerking off a prick albeit unknowingly. This latest episode from shows her stroking a dick in her sleep but the real fun begins when she awakens and willingly beats Billy’s monkey for him until he blasts his big load all over her geeky glasses and tight toned teen body.

Let’s back track a bit to all the action before the cum covered glasses because the fun is in the details leading up to that moment. Like most teens, Chasity Bliss loves to get her drink on and like most people, she really can’t handle her alcohol so she stumbles in drunk one night and falls out on the couch which is where Billy finds her sleeping the next morning. He’s horny as hell and desperate for a handjob and since desperate times call for desperate measures, the stud pours lube in the sleeping teen’s hands and then sticks his dick in her hand moving it back and forth as if she’s jerking him off in her sleep.

drunk teen tricked into giving a sleeping handjob teen jerks cock in her sleep Chasity Bliss sensual teen handjob

Chasity Bliss awakens to find Billy’s dick in her hand and she naturally freaks out but once her shock wears off, the blonde teen cutie is game for some fun and so she grabs the fat dick and nestles it in the palm of her hands rubbing and tugging it with all her might until a bucket load of jizz comes shooting out of the cut tip drenching her glasses and entire petite body frame. This big cum blast video can be seen exclusively at

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