Chasity Bliss Blinded By A Massive Cum Blast

teen cutie gets her glasses creamedIf there was ever someone who excels at giving drunken handjobs, that honor would be bestowed upon Chasity Bliss because even in her drunken state, the teen starlet is capable of jerking off a prick albeit unknowingly. This latest episode from shows her stroking a dick in her sleep but the real fun begins when she awakens and willingly beats Billy’s monkey for him until he blasts his big load all over her geeky glasses and tight toned teen body.

Let’s back track a bit to all the action before the cum covered glasses because the fun is in the details leading up to that moment. Like most teens, Chasity Bliss loves to get her drink on and like most people, she really can’t handle her alcohol so she stumbles in drunk one night and falls out on the couch which is where Billy finds her sleeping the next morning. He’s horny as hell and desperate for a handjob and since desperate times call for desperate measures, the stud pours lube in the sleeping teen’s hands and then sticks his dick in her hand moving it back and forth as if she’s jerking him off in her sleep.

drunk teen tricked into giving a sleeping handjob teen jerks cock in her sleep Chasity Bliss sensual teen handjob

Chasity Bliss awakens to find Billy’s dick in her hand and she naturally freaks out but once her shock wears off, the blonde teen cutie is game for some fun and so she grabs the fat dick and nestles it in the palm of her hands rubbing and tugging it with all her might until a bucket load of jizz comes shooting out of the cut tip drenching her glasses and entire petite body frame. This big cum blast video can be seen exclusively at

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Brandy Jaymes Turns Into Her BFF’s Spunk Bucket

blonde teen showing off her cum-stained small titsGenerally speaking friendships between guys and chicks rarely work out because sooner or later the sexual tension becomes too much and both parties give into their lust thereby ruining the friendship. This latest episode from is further proof of the aforementioned theory with just one slight change, the friendship between Brandy Jaymes and her best friend Ben is not ruined just because she decides to jerk his cock. In fact, the slutty teen gets promoted from BFF status to Ben’s number one spunk bucket!

Like most girls, Brandy Jaymes has a major crush on her male best friend Ben. He is of course very clueless about her crush and about the fact that she fantasizes about giving him a handjob. Her secret fantasies are revealed one day as the duo chill on the bed and Ben generously decides to fulfill his friend’s fantasy by volunteering his hard pole for her to show off her cock tugging skills. First the blonde babe shyly plays with the dick, twirling her fingers around it like she’s scared of it but then she pours some lubrication on it and gets to work.

sexy teen babe stroking a cock Brandy Jaymes pours lube all over a big cock small tittied teen strokes a big cock

If Ben had any doubts about Brandy Jaymes’ cock stroking skills, they are put to rest when she holds down the base of his cock with one hand and uses her right hand to work his mighty pole from tip to the balls. Then the sexy teen with small tits slides off the bed and onto her knees where she continues to tug Ben’s cock with such urgency that a huge load shoots out of his pointed dick and drenches her soft skin. At least Ben now knows he can count on his best friend to make him cum!

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Molly Bliss Handjob Practice

sexy teen with cum on her glassesGiving a really good handjob is an art that most women simply haven’t mastered yet and one that Moly Bliss is determined to excel at. The teen brunette cutie is a virgin and while she is not ready to go all the way with her boyfriend, she wants to treat him to a special handjob so he can get some much needed sexual relief. The only problem is the sexy teen has never jerked a cock but lucky for her, she has a cousin who is more than willing to let her practice on his big boner. This exclusive handjob practice video can only be watched on

Like most teens who are horny as fuck but aren’t ready for a full blown sex session, Molly Bliss wants to make her boyfriend feel good without getting her pussy penetrated and the only way she can do that is by giving him a handjob. Since she’s never stroked a dick in her life, she doesn’t really have the first clue how to proceed but her cousin Billy is a handjob expert of sorts and he is only too happy to let the teen practice on him.

teen in glasses caressing a cock slutty teen tugging cock molly bliss giving a handjob

Molly Bliss unzips Billy’s shorts on the couch and pulls out his cock gently tugging at it as she awakens it from its limp state. When the big cock is nice and hard, the teen ditches everything but her big nerdy glasses and spreads her legs wide on the couch giving her perverted cousin a very good view of her shaved pink pussy. With encouragement and pointers from Billy, the sexy babe jacks his knob with her hands, twisting and pumping with all her might until he explodes all over her drenching her glasses and entire body with cum. After this lesson in how to give a handjob, Molly’s boyfriend is definitely in for a special treat!

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Jessica Juggs Gets Her Big Boobs Blasted with Cum

milf getting her big tits blasted with cumIf a daughter is a freak, chances are her mother is even freakier and that proves to be the case in this latest episode from where Ben has a chance encounter with his girlfriend’s mother and he gets treated to an extra special blowjob and handjob that ends with him blasting his seed all over her massive round titties. Ben shows up to his girlfriend’s home to hang out with her but Stacie isn’t home. Her mom, Jessica Juggs is though and she feels so bad that Ben came all the way to her house for nothing so she decides to get him off with her mouth in order to make him forget about his girlfriend’s absence.

If Ben has any hesitation about getting orally serviced by Jessica Juggs, he doesn’t vocalize them. He instead sits back on the couch and moans out as the very experienced blonde MILF wraps her lips around his cock and licks the sensitive head as she tugs the length of the cock. The horny dude pushes her hair back from her face so he can watch her taste his yummy white wood and he curls his toes as the older babe attempts to swallow his entire cock.

older woman sucking cock blonde milf giving a blowjob Jessica Juggs gets her big tits creamed

The mother is definitely way better than her daughter in the cock sucking department and she knows exactly what tongue flicks to use and what hand motions are effective when it comes to coaxing cum out of Ben’s big dick. She strokes and sucks him on the couch while giving him a good view of her bouncy big tits and when he gets ready to cum, he stands over her and aims his dick right at her massive juggs drenching them with his creamy white seed. This entire cock sucking and milf tit cumshot video is available only at

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Georgia Cream Gets Creamed

Sexy teen grabs a massive peckerBe careful what you wish for because you just might get it at least that proved true for sexy teen babe Georgia Cream when she set out to prove that her step brother is really the king of shooting out massive loads of cum. The curious teen hottie got exactly what she was searching for and a whole lot more and you can witness the sizzling hot handjob and cumshot action only at

Georgia Cream makes it her business to know everyone’s business and word on the street is that her stepbrother Ben can shoot out bucket loads of creamy jizz. The source of this information is also very reliable because she happens to be Ben’s girlfriend but the naughty teen has never been one to listen to rumors she can’t verify so she makes it her mission to find out just how true the cumshot rumor is. She corners Ben as he chills on the couch and he graciously offers her a chance to see firsthand how true the rumors are but only if she agrees to use her magical hands on his prick.

teen cutie seducing her stepbrother teen with big boobs jerking a big dick Georgia Cream blasted with cum

The teen handjob princess is only too happy to jerk off her stepbrother so she kicks things off by forming a circle with her fingers and running it up and down Ben’s monster prick and then she tightens her grip on the length of the shaft and jerks it real hard before getting down on her knees and stroking the cock even harder. Her spectacular handjob skills along with her begging for a cumshot make Ben explode drenching her pretty face and tits with his monster cumload. Guess those rumors are true afterall! See what Georgia Cream looks like after getting blasted with jizz only at

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Brylee Remington Gets Her Face Painted With Cum

sexy teen babe jerking off her boyfriendBrylee Remington is good at so many things but painting is not one of those things. Lucky for her she has a boyfriend who is quite the handyman so she decides to ask for his help with painting her house only to get a less than enthusiastic response from her man. Always the quick thinker, the dark haired babe offers to jerk her boyfriend off in exchange for his help and the horny guy agrees. The sensual handjob and cumshot action that ensues right on the living room floor can be viewed exclusively on

Ben may be good with a paint brush but Brylee Remington is even better with her hands especially when they are wrapped around a massive pecker. Eager to get her man off so he can help her with her paint job, the slender teen hottie gets down on her knees and slathers lube all over Ben’s prick tugging with firm strokes as she rubs the lube over every single inch of cock poking out at her. She holds down the base of the shaft as she uses one hand to jerk the throbbing prick and then she wraps both hands around the big dick and jerks it like her life depends on it.

Brylee jerks a cock with two hands teen on her knees giving a POV handjob Brylee Remington splashed with cum

To add a bit of excitement to the steamy handjob session, Brylee Remington alternates between back and forth stroking and twists which drives Ben up the wall. He isn’t able to hold his orgasm back any longer and so he lets loose showering the sexy teen babe knelt before him with his creamy seed. The cum paint job all over Brylee may just be Ben’s best work to date!

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Caroline de Jaia, The Euro Cum Catcher

Caroline de Jaia messy cum facialIf you’re wondering why Caroline de Jaia is known as the Euro cum catcher; look no further than this very steamy handjob and messy facial video from This chick doesn’t just stroke cock like a certified professional but she knows how to use her pretty little mouth to catch a boatload of jizz! Her cum catching skill would definitely win her tons of awards if she ever decided to enter skill-based competitions.

The gorgeous babe isn’t in a competition with anyone in this very hot handjob video but she is on a mission to find out whether Billy shoots out as much cum as everyone says he does. Wearing skimpy pink lingerie and heels with huge round earrings, the slender beauty makes herself comfortable on the couch as she massages Billy’s cock until it hardens. Then she grabs the length of the base with a firm grip as her tugging gets more intense. The two-hand handjob technique seems to be yielding the best results so she wraps both hands around the prick and squeezes it while rubbing the sensitive head.

sexy blonde jerking off a guy babe with small perky tits giving a handjob teen two-hand handjob

The more Caroline rubs the throbbing dick, the closer Billy gets to ejaculating and when he finally explodes, his creamy seed shoots out of his cock and lands right in the sexy cum craving slut’s wide open mouth. What she does with that cum is so sexy and so beautiful that you have to witness it for yourself and the only place you can see the cum catcher living up to her name is

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Slutty Teen Jerks Off Her Step-Brother

blonde teen stroking a big cockThe next time you think of blurred lines, I bet you’ll be thinking about this taboo handjob episode from where a slutty teen babe jerks off her step-brother right in their parents’ living room. The sizzling hot cock jerking episode starts off rather innocently before spiraling into a steamy handjob and cum blast fun session.

Krystal is getting ready for a date but she can’t decide what underwear to wear so she goes to her older stepbrother to get his opinion but the last thing on his mind is the underwear she is holding up as his eyes are feasting on her tight sexy body. He reaches for her perky tits and squeezes them and nothing is the same after that. Krystal recovers from her initial shock and decides to one up Billy by jerking him off. She pulls down his pants and pours lube all over his dick stroking it slowly until it hardens in her hands.

The teen nympho first uses one hand to jerk off her hung stepbrother and then she treats Billy to a two-hand handjob making his whole body stiffen as he tries to hold back the cum explosion he feels building up inside his body. Billy can’t believe just how good his little step-sister is at jerking cock but the way she tugs his big boner overwhelms his hormones so much that a boatload of cum comes bubbling out of Billy’s massive pecker drenching Krystal from head to toe. You can catch the step siblings getting naughty only at

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Sadie Kennedy Cures A Broken Heart With A Sensational Handjob

redhead teen showered with cumEveryone knows that getting dumped sucks and while most people resort to listening to cheesy love songs to help mend their broken hearts, Billy decides that the best way for him to get over being dumped by his girl is to get a handjob from a really hot chick. He happens to know the perfect girl for the job and in this sizzling hot episode, Sadie Kennedy delivers in a way that would make Billy’s ex-girlfriend completely jealous.

The redhead teen nympho may not know what words to say to cure her friend’s broken heart but she sure as heck knows how to use her hands to give him sexual satisfaction that will help him temporarily forget his pain. She tries to comfort Billy on the couch but when that doesn’t work, she takes off his shorts and starts stroking his dick until it stands rock hard in her hand. Sadie Kennedy then takes off her top and shows off her perky small tits as she jerks Billy’s cock with a firm grip.

teen jerking a cock on the couch naughty teen jerking off a big prick naked redhead teen milking a big prick

The broken-hearted Romeo moans and throws his head back as the naughty teen massages the extra sensitive head of his cock first with her palm and then with her fingers and then she dips her own fingers into her twat playing with her clit while still tugging Billy’s fat prick. The combination of watching Sadie Kennedy fingering herself while stroking the big cock is what drives the horny dude over the edge making him explode and shower the redhead babe with his thick jizz. The full length couch handjob and cumbath video is only available at

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Ebony Teen Skyler Nicole Extracts Cum From A Big White Prick

black teen jerking a white cockSkyler Nicole has heard tales about Billy’s huge cumshots but she is not one to believe everything she hears – she prefers to witness things first hand so when she gets a chance to hook up with Billy, she treats him to a sensual topless handjob and then watches as a tsunami of white jizz bursts out of his hard prick and drenches her chocolate tits. This very messy interracial handjob and cum bath episode is available on

They say that curiosity killed the cat but whoever they are have clearly never heard of Skyler Nicole because she is curious to see just how much cum she can milk out of Billy’s white dick and there is nothing going to stop her from finding out. She strips completely naked on the couch and wraps both her hands around Billy’s hard prick twisting and tugging while the lucky guy moans his appreciation. The naughty ebony teen also pays attention to his big balls, tenderly caressing them before turning all her attention back to his cock.

ebony teen giving an interracial handjob skyler nicole jerks off a man on her couch Skyler Nicole messy cum bath

Then Skyler Nicole ups the ante by kneeling on the floor before Billy as she continues to give him a two-hand handjob and then she lightly tugs on the length of his cock while twirling her thumb over his sensitive mushroom head and that single move is what pushes him over the edge making him explode. The sight of his white cum dripping down the chocolate babe’s dark skin will give you an instant boner and make you cream in your own pants!

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