MILF Brandy James Gets Her Face Ejaculated On

Brandy James deepthroats a cockThere are certain things Brandy James knows she can count on to get through her day like a daily facial from her hubby. Today however the sexy blonde MILF hasn’t gotten her daily sperm facial and she’s completely frustrated so rather than wait on her husband to deliver, she calls on Jeremy, the neighborhood slut who is only too happy to let her jerk his cock in a bid to milk every last drop of cum out of it. He gets a handjob and she gets her daily facial and all is well with everyone’s world as this new episode from shows.

Brandy James has never been the patient kind. She wants what she wants and she wants it right now especially when it comes to her daily cum facial. She is visibly upset that her husband can’t give her a sperm facial which is why she ends up turning to Jeremy who doesn’t disappoint. He strips down to his undies and closes his eyes as she caresses his cock through the thin fabric.

blonde milf caressing a big dick Brandy James fondling man's balls Brandy James sucking cock

Then the horny older woman yanks the now hardened prick out of the underwear and starts beating it with her soft palms. She works it from top to bottom and back, pressing firmly against the girth and then she sucks the sensitive head lubing it up before stroking it again. She is more than determined to make Jeremy cum and her mission is a bonafide success because a few more hand-to-penis strokes is all it takes for a massive load of creamy jizz to come gushing out of Jeremy’s cock and unto her face. You can see tons of other cum craving nymphos just like Brandy James getting drenched in cum only at

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Charlee Chase Tugging the Delivery Man’s Dick

busty MILF jerking a big cockThe second Charlee Chase lays eyes on the cute delivery man, she knows she has to figure out a way to get into his pants and lucky for the busty MILF, she doesn’t have to try too hard since he seems enamored by her giant tits. A routine delivery turns into a conversation which turns into flirting which ends up in a very steamy and intensely messy handjob that you can watch exclusively at

Charlee Chase has never been a shy woman. She knows exactly what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it with all her might. When a stud appears at her door step with a package for her, the horny MILF suddenly gets a dick craving that can only be satisfied by her jerking off her delivery man until his dick spurts a bucket of goo all over her. This lusty day dreaming quickly turns into reality when the younger stud reciprocates the older woman’s advances and then the real fun begins on the couch.

Charlee Chase seducing her delivery man Charlee Chase giving a handjob busty babe caresses her big tits while jerking cock

She caresses his cock through his jeans and gets a kick out of feeling it harden with each stroke and then she helps him out of his pants and continues playing with his big schlong while he fights the urge to come. She squeezes it from the bottom to the top running her finger tips across the sensitive mushroom head then she uses fast strokes to make him explode and when he does, he empties his nut sack all over her juicy big boobs!

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Kimmy Lee Jerks Off Her Sister’s Boyfriend

Kimmy Lee enjoys a messy cumbathA general rule of thumb is never to leave your boyfriend in your sister’s company especially if your sister is as hot as Kimmy Lee and you just happen to be having some seriously major issues in your relationship. Unfortunately that is exactly what Kimmy’s sister does in this episode from and the within no time, her boyfriend is pouring his heart out to the hot Asian babe who is so sympathetic for all the crap he’s dealing with that she decides to give him a handjob to cheer him up.

Kimmy Lee is a scheming little vixen especially when it comes to her sister’s boyfriend. She lures him in by pretending to care about his relationship troubles but all she really wants to do is get her hands on his stiff prick. She’s successful in doing that because the horny guy doesn’t object when she slides her hands into his pants and fondles his cock until it hardens. Then she takes the pants off completely exposing his erection and then she takes her time proving why she’s so much better at giving handjobs than her sister.

Kimmy Lee seducing her sister's boyfriend Kimmy Lee giving a handjob Kimmy Lee jerking a cock

The big boobed Asian slut undresses and with her hair tied back, she bends over and grabs the big dick before her with one hand jerking it back and forth real hard. Then she gets off the bed and onto her knees while her sister’s boyfriend towers over her and she strokes his cock using fast strokes and she does not slow down at all until a huge fountain of jizz comes gushing out, drenching her entire body.

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Lelani Lei Punishes Man By Milking His Cock

Lelani Lei jerking a monster cockSome times it pays to break the rules – at least that’s what Joey must be thinking in this very hot cock jerking video from The sexy tattooed stud is caught masturbating again by Lelani Lei and she’s so frustrated because she’s repeatedly asked him not to jerk off in her house and he’s obviously chosen to ignore her simple request so she literally takes matters into her own hands by punishing him with a very sensual handjob that drains his big balls.

Joey is horny as fuck so he starts fondling his dick and that’s just when Lelani Lei walks in on him. She is thoroughly irritated that he is deliberately breaking her “no masturbation rule” but the sight of his bulge gets her so hot and bothered that she decides that the appropriate punishment would be to jerk him off herself. The older slutty woman takes off her black top revealing her small saggy tits and then she squats right next to Joey’s thick thigh as she starts to stroke his cock.

older MILF busts a man masturbating on her couch sexy older woman punishes a man by jerking his cock Lelani Lei jerking a cock

Lelani Lei has been around the handjob block a few times so she knows exactly what hand moves to make in order to milk every last drop out of Joey’s cock and that is exactly what she does. She uses two hands to wax his cock up and down and side to side and she even pays some attention to his big balls before using fast strokes to make his big dick explode. That should teach him a lesson about disobeying her rules! You can see this handjob punishment in it’s entirety only at

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Busty Katie Cummings Makes a Stiff Prick Burst

Katie Cummings gets a cumbathEvery man has at some point fantasized about hooking up with a sexy maid and the dude in this latest nasty cum bath episode from is no exception, the only difference is that he actually gets to live out that fantasy when the busty Katie Cummings not only cleans his room but also polishes his cock with her hands, mouth and even her massive juggs. The way her big boobs swing back and forth as she jerks this lucky dude’s cock will give you an instant boner and when she shoves his dick in between her big rack, you’ll be shooting out your own load!

Every maid expects a tip after offering their services but the only tip Katie Cummings gets when she’s done cleaning up an apartment is the tip of an erect cock pushing up against her client’s shorts. The sexy maid with big tits is impressed with the bulge in the man’s pants and asks if she can stroke it. He agrees and so she grabs his erection and caresses it before sinking down on her knees and massaging the now exposed prick.

Katie Cummings flashing her boobs busty french maid giving a handjob Katie Cummings gives her client a titjob

Still dressed in her french maid outfit, Katie Cummings spits on the cock and rubs her saliva all over it while jerking it hard and then she pops her boobs out and thrusts the hard cock in between them treating her client to a very sensual titjob. The combination of the titjob and handjob does the trick because he unleashes a stream of cum in Katie’s direction soaking her from face down. You can check out this lucky guy living out his french maid handjob fantasy only at

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Emo Teen Dani Peach Wanks a Cock Until it Explodes

Dani Peach giving a two-hand handjobSexy Emo teen Dani Peach is a certified handjobber who won’t let anything get in between her and a load of creamy jizz. She enjoys nothing more than wanking off thick rods until they spurt out a boatload of semen and that is exactly what she gets to do in this new sizzling hot handjob video from The slender babe with funky pink hair and slightly saggy small tits grabs William’s cock and jerks it until it explodes giving her a chance to play with his salty man goo.

Everything about Dani Peach is small, from her boobs to her hands but it all compliments her slender frame. The only thing not small about her is her attitude which takes center stage in this episode as she confidently makes the moves on William and eventually has her way with him. The sexy teen babe sweet talks her way into his pants and wraps both her small hands around his thick pecker, jerking it sensually until it hardens even more.

Dani Peach flirting with a horny guy emo teen stroking a cock topless emo teen jerking a cock

Then she cups his balls as she bends into his lap giving him a chance to cup her small tits and play with her nipples while she jerks him off. The petite teen hottie proves just how nasty she can be by talking dirty to William while tugging his dick and the dirty talk combined with the persistent stroking makes him spurt out a massive creamy load. You can see Dani Peach milking the thick prick at

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Alyssa Hart Gives a Handjob Demonstration

happy teen giving a handjob demonstrationThere is no better person to give a handjob demonstration than Alyssa Hart simply because she is the reigning handjob princess and she always jerks cocks to completion. This is the very reason why she’s one of the most sought after handjob teachers and in this latest episode from, the petite blonde teen cock stroker gets the chance to show off her skills when she jerks a man’s hard rod until it bursts letting out a monstrous stream of cum.

The writing on her shirt may read “Girls Rule” but realistically, only one girl rules especially when it comes to giving handjobs and her name is Alyssa Hart, the very girl donning that bright neon shirt. Her mission today is to simply demonstrate how to give a handjob and with her man slave laying on his back with his erect dick exposed, the petite teen gets to work wanking his prick.

topless teen with small tits jerking a cock Alyssa Hart jerks cock until it explodes excited Alyssa Hart jerking cock

She twiddles her thumbs around his sensitive head and holds down the base of his cock with one hand as she twists her other hands around the head and the length of the shaft. Then she uses the one hand stroking technique as she pumps even faster than before and just when you think she doesn’t have any more tricks left in her bag, the sexy babe yanks off her top to show off her small perky tits as she grabs the big throbbing dick with both her hands jerking it with fast strokes until it explodes. The monster cumload that spills out as a result of her stroking can be witnessed at

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Amber Sativa Says Thank You With a Handjob

Amber Sativa giving a handjobThere are plenty of ways to express gratitude when someone helps you and for Amber Sativa, one of those ways is by jerking that person off which is exactly what this hot blonde babe does to Pike in this episode from when he helps her with her car. What she doesn’t know is that he is famous for monster cumshots and when he let’s loose, the stream of jizz that shoots out of his cock catches her completely off guard.

Amber Sativa has car trouble so Pike comes to her rescue and after he takes care of her car, she decides to take care of him by treating him to a sensual handjob right on the couch. She kicks things off by caressing his thighs before removing his shorts to play with his dick. Then she wraps one hand around his exposed erection tugging at it while lightly running her fingers across his thigh.

Amber Sativa seducing a lucky guy blonde hottie undressing a lucky guy Amber Sativa jerking a cock

The way Pike throws his head back in ecstasy is a good indication of just how good Amber Sativa is at jerking cocks and this reaction from him only encourages her to keep stroking his big hard pecker up and down and side to side until he bursts. The massive explosion surprises the blonde nympho who has certainly never seen a cum blast that monstrous but it also pleases her since she is a certified cumwhore. You can see this and plenty of other real and raw cum showers only at

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Cock Jerking Cures Melanie Hicks’ Ailment

Melanie Hicks giving her neighbor a handjobMelanie Hicks’ hand and wrist can’t stop shaking so fearing the worst, the busty teen hottie calls up her neighbor who happens to work in the medical industry. Still dressed in his scrubs from work, the handsome neighbor rushes over and quickly diagnoses her ailment and suggests a very interesting cure for it. He recommends that she jerks cock at least twice a week to keep the shaking at bay and because she needs immediate relief, she immediately starts her treatment by jerking off her neighbor in the living room and that alternative treatment video can be viewed in it’s entirety at

When you’re sick and in pain, any kind of treatment that promises you relief is a good thing and for Melanie Hicks, the treatment for her uncontrollable hand and wrist shakes doesn’t come from a bottle or pill but rather from giving handjobs. She’s a talented cock jerker so giving handjobs is right up her alley which is why she doesn’t hesitate to milk her neighbor’s cock when he drops his pants.

Melanie Hicks discussing her ailment Melanie Hicks stroking cock Melanie Hicks topless while jerking cock

The busty teen babe pops her perky big boobs out of her pink top as she wraps her hands around the lucky neighbor’s stiff prick and she lets him grope her tits as she focuses all her attention on tugging his throbbing hard prick. This cock play is beneficial to both of them since Melanie Hicks’ hand is getting much needed relief and the neighbor is getting much needed sexual relief but the teen nympho doesn’t know just how long it’s been since he last came which means the monster cum explosion that blasts out of his cock catches her by surprise!

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Milf Tracy Gets a Huge Cumshot Explosion On Her Tits

Milf Tracy sprayed with cumTracy’s libido seems to increase with age and right now it’s at an all time high so when she walks in on Billy lounging naked in the living room, the busty MILF doesn’t hesitate to grab his big boner and milk every last drop of man goo out of it. Her very impressive cock milking skills and the eventual cumbath that results from her handjob adventure can be viewed exclusively in this episode from

Tracy is horny as heck but she is not expecting to get lucky when she walks into the house from the pool. Today must be her lucky though because Billy happens to be hanging out with no clothes on and he’s up for a little fun with the older lady so down on her knees she goes as she wraps her hands around Billy’s limp cock, stroking it tenderly until it hardens in her palms. Then she slides her pink dress down revealing big round knockers dangling freely with no bra to hold them back.

busty milf stroking a cock smiling older woman jerks a prick Tracy giving a handjob

The younger stud makes himself comfortable as he watches Tracy go to town on his cock. She alternates between jerking him off with one hand and using two hands and the whole time she’s stroking his big boner, she’s begging him to cum all over her. Her wish is granted when Billy let’s loose, exploding all over her big boobs and soaking every inch of the massive rack and even her stomach. There are tons of cum craving whores like Tracy at and all you have to do is log in and watch them get bathed in cum right now.

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